Taking to the Woods!

It's Autumn here in New England and all I want to do is walk in the woods during the daylight (probably with a baby strapped to my torso) and then sit under a blanket on the couch when the sun (and temperature) goes down.  THIS is actually my favorite time of year.  Autumn just strikes my senses in the right way.  It's the right temperature, everything has that sweet decaying leaf smell, and all of the colors in the natural environment neutralize and fall so easy on the eyes. I can cover my skin again and the magic of the harvest season makes my heart beat faster.  

And, really, I just want to be out in the woods.  This is the time of year, growing up, that I spent so much time fiddling around outside while my dad was splitting and stacking wood.  There is less undergrowth in the woods during Autumn, so romping and running and finding little treasures on the forest floor is easier.  SO, as an artist, most of my work for this season is related to my obsession with taking to the woods.

I sort of just realized this.  It's like I was walking around one day in the heavy overcoat of summer and then woke up the next day with a tree ring, pinecone, dried leaf, and birch tree drawing, each burned into a screen and ready to be printed.  Whoa.  One day it was summer and the next it wasn't and somewhere in there I was drawing and drawing and focusing on the woods.  

I guess I should just breathe in the sweet air, enjoy the calm light, and lace up my Bean Boots because we New Englanders all know what comes after this...   


~ Casey, artist/printer/the wife and mom

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