We began Hearth and Harrow on one corner of our kitchen table after the birth of our second child. 

Having spent many years gardening, farming, making art, and gathering around our own hearth with family, we dreamed of beginning a design studio that would embrace our love of nature and home. 

Simplicity has been central to life as our family grows and we weave our little nest.  We have found that there are so many distractions in our modern spaces and that simplifying our surroundings has brought us closer to a more natural way of being.  Our paring down of modern clutter has also allowed us to think about design that doesn't add to the noise of everyday life.  

We maintain a natural home and we carry on that value to the hand-printed textile goods that we create. We only use solvent-free and non-toxic inks, natural textiles, and eco friendly packaging.  You can be sure that when you introduce one of our pieces into your home that it is not only unique and beautiful, but safe and environmentally friendly.