Through Hearth and Harrow, we create nature-inspired prints using traditional techniques.

We create nature-inspired goods

We began Hearth and Harrow on one corner of our kitchen table after the birth of our second child.  We had spent many years gardening, farming, making art, and striving to make our lives richer through connecting family, home, nature, and art.  For us, Hearth and Harrow brings forth that merger between art, home, and nature through creating honest handmade pieces that we would enjoy displaying or using in our own home.

Each piece in our collection was designed and hand printed in small batches in our cozy New England studio using natural, eco friendly materials and processes.  Maintaining a natural home is a top priority for us personally and we carry on that value to the work we create. We only use solvent-free, non-toxic inks and eco friendly packaging. 

We hope you enjoy!